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Mimis All Natural Dog Treats

Mimi's all natural dog treats! Handmade, from scratch, using fresh ingredients. 

 Feel good about the snacks you give your dog! 

I am proud to introduce my line of all natural, homemade dog treats.  Taste tested by a couple of lucky pups, I use fresh ingredients with no dyes or preservatives added.  Your dog will enjoy them, and you will feel good about serving a healthy snack! 

Stock up and take advantage of our flat rate shipping!

Treats are available here, on eBay, Etsy, and various retail locations

  • Chase
  • Sydney
  • Hooter & Honey
    Hooter & Honey
  • Penny
  • Hailey
  • Buddy
  • Louie & Buddy
    Louie & Buddy
  • Roxy
  • Bear
  • Marty & Rock
    Marty & Rock
  • Shobai
  • Louie
  • Maggie
  • Xena
  • Farley
  • Shobai

Sit Snacks

Peanut Mutt-er: Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Peanuts, Flax Meal, Honey (7.5 oz)


Sweet Pup-tato:Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Sweet Potato, Barley, Honey (7.5 oz)


Banana Mutt: Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Banana, Almond, Honey (7.5 oz)


Pup-kin Ginger: Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Pumpkin, Rye Flour, Honey (7.5 oz)

Meat Twists

Chicken & Carrot: Chicken Breast Strips & Carrot (2.5 oz)

Pork & Potato: Pork & Sweet Potato (2.5 oz)

Meat Chews

Chicken Breast: 2.5 ounces

Pork:2.5 ounces

Beef Liver: 2.6 ounces

Beef Heart: 2.2 ounces

Turkey Breast: 2.2 ounces

Daisy Chips

Sweet Potato: SweetPotato & Honey (3.75 oz)

Banana: Banana & Honey (3.75 oz)

Apple: Apple, Lemon, Honey (1.75 oz)

Tail Mix: Sweet Potato, Banana, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Honey (3.5 oz)


Almost all of our dog treats are made using honey.  Honey is one of the most amazing foods out there!  A natural sweetener, it is good for digestion, joint health, and is even said to help alleviate allergies in its raw form.  Our treats have no sugars added other then the naturals sugars found in the fruit, vegetables, and honey used to make them.


Most retail dog treats have very low standards when it comes to packaging requirements.  Pick any box on the shelf, open it up, and inside you will find your treats!  Unfortunately, you are usually getting a whole lot more then treats... 

The treats are made, boxed, and shipped out to retail locations.  These boxes are stored in various locations on their journey to your shelves, with shelf lives that can be years from their manufacture date.  They move indoors, outdoors, from truck to truck, and from warehouse to store, with nothing more then a thin cardboard box to keep the treats from the "elements".  Most common "element" to make it's way through to the treats are bugs.  The bugs crawl in, the bugs crawl out, the bugs leave eggs in you dogs future snacks (Ok, so it's not as catchy as the old "worms" song, but it certainly applies).

One of the reasons I began making my own treats was because of the bugs.  After countless times of opening the treat jar and finding creepy crawlies... and a horrible infestation of pantry moths... I decided my dogs deserved better.  Sure, my pup enjoys a snack from the cats litter box... so who cares if he eats a couple moth larvae, right?!  Well even if you don't mind the idea of you pup swallowing a couple critters, please take into consideration the fact that most people keep their dogs treats in their own food pantry.  Which means when these bugs are hatching they will be finding their way into your families food supply!  Surprisingly enough, not all people food is packaged in airtight containers either.  The bugs will find a way in.  Most cardboard boxes are printed with a vegetable based ink which also supplies a food source and nesting ground for bugs like pantry moths that take months to cycle, and are very difficult to get rid of.  Anyone who has had them can tell you how much time and money go into getting rid of them!


  These name brand treats were taken from their boxes and placed into a jar.  I left them in that jar for a couple months and then opened it to find this.  Try this, and I can guarantee you will have similar result.  Gross, right?!


Mimi's brand treats are sealed in 3 mm poly packaging which will prevent this from happening to your dogs treats!  We also allow for a maximum 4 month shelf life because fresh ingredients are best, well... served fresh!  We also use recloseable tin-tie bags that are compact and will fit just about anywhere.  I just keep them on a shelf by the back door, they are a perfect snack for when the pups come in from playing outside!


Packaging is an important, yet commonly overlooked factor that you should consider when buying any food items (Whether for your dog or for yourself). Try Mimi's Sit Snacks, and feel good about the snacks you give your dog!


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